2016 Arizona Quarterback Outlook

Arizona's quarterback situation may be a little more open than originally anticipated. Read on for more.

Now that the season is over, there is one major question that surrounds the offense.

How solid is Anu Solomon’s grip over the starting quarterback position?

Talking to numerous sources, it may not be as solid as some believe. Even though Rodriguez said that Brandon Dawkins and Jerrard Randall would see time in the New Mexico Bowl, neither did.

That likely has to do with how well the staff believes Solomon was playing and the fact that it did not want to disrupt the rhythm.

However, the coaching staff now has plenty of time to prepare the other quarterbacks on the roster.

When Brandon Dawkins succeeded against ASU, many wondered why he had not played up until the point.

The answer is real simple. There was no conspiracy or any other deeper reason than the fact that Dawkins did not practice well.

He is the most physically talented quarterback on Arizona’s roster, but that doesn’t mean he can pick up plays and be able to do what is required of him in order to run Arizona’s offense.

If he could, Dawkins would be the starting quarterback. He can run just as well as Solomon, has better arm strength, and is the better athlete. That doesn’t matter though because Solomon is the smarter player and it often isn’t close.

Unless Dawkins can start to really pick things up and dedicate himself for to doing so, Solomon is going to beat him out for the job.

The one player that we feel is going to give Solomon the most competition is Khalil Tate. Solomon is the better true quarterback, but Tate’s ability to run and physical tools are off the chart. 

The coaching staff pushed for him to come in the spring for a reason and that reason is to make a run at the starting quarterback job.

Sure, we’ve heard that the staff can succeed with any type of quarterback and it can. However, Tate is the prototypical quarterback that Rich Rodriguez has had success with in his career.

Tate is going to be given every chance to win the starting job and if he doesn’t win it, it will only be because he wasn’t able to pick up the offense quick enough.

That doesn’t mean he will be totally out of the picture though, because the coaches could still feel that Tate is good enough and dangerous enough to give 10 plays or so a game.

The other option is Devon Modster, who isn’t being ignored here. It’s just that this system isn’t easy to pick up and by arriving in the summer, we can’t see any way Modster beats out Solomon for the starting job. 

Either way, this is going to be a dun competition and though we knew Solomon would be starting this season, we’re at least a little more skeptical about next. 

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