2016 Wide Receiver Outlook

Arizona is losing its top two receivers, but has enough talent to fill the void. Read on for a complete outlook on the position for next season.

Arizona’s receiving core took a bit of a hit for next season when Cayleb Jones made his NFL intentions known on Sunday.

It’s not necessarily his pure talent, but rather the fact that his departure leaves Arizona sorely lacking some size among its wide receivers.

At 6-foot-3, Trey Griffey will be the biggest receiver on the roster next season. The Wildcats go from having Griffey, Jones, and 6-foot-4 David Richards to only having one contributing receiver taller than six feet.

Sure, Abraham Mendivil or Bryant O’Georgia could emerge next season or see more time because of their size, but it is hard to rely on either at all knowing that neither has been able to do anything up until this point. 

It is possible that Arizona is able to find success in the recruiting world by landing a guy like 6-foot-2 receiver Desmond Fitzpatrick.

Due to his height, we would have to think that Arizona is selling immediate playing time and while it won’t be easy to land him, Arizona will at least have him on campus for an official visit in January. 

What Arizona lacks in size, it probably makes up for in talent.

Nate Phillips caught 44 balls for 504 yards and four touchdowns and Samajie Grant finished with 31 catches for 301 yards and two scores.

Arizona will need to find a way to replace the production of Jones and Johnny Jackson, but our guess is that it will be able to just fine.

Guys like Tyrell Johnson, Shun Brown, Tony Ellison, and Darick Holmes are all going to have a major opportunity to contribute and smaller receivers have shown an ability to be successful in this offense.

There’s no doubt that there is reason for concern because of the sheer production Arizona is losing.

However, Rich Rodriguez has at the very least shown he knows what he is doing with the offense and this group of receivers have high potential.

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