Arizona improving through adversity

Sean Miller believes Arizona's adversity has made it stronger. Read on to find out why that is and more.

“We have played some good basketball and I think we have learned a lot about our team,” Miller said. “We overcame tremendous adversity. 

“I don’t know if there is one team in this country that has gone through more than we have. What everybody knows and what truly has happened really from the onset are two different things. We have had nine different guys get injured.”

It’s not just the games that the injuries have an effect on.

“If you see a kid not practice for seven to 10 days, or five days, that really takes a toll on the development of our team,” Miller said.

Still, Arizona only has one loss and it was to a Providence team that is currently ranked in the top ten.

“The fact that we are 12-1, we feel really good about that,” Miller said. “The team that beat us is also 12-1 and has an first team All-American point guard. 

“If you think back to that game, I think we have really progressed as a team. That is our only loss.”

In addition, the numerous injuries Arizona has gone through has forced players to play positions they may not originally planned on playing.

“Across the board, everybody has been given more to do and my hope is we can welcome back our entire team, have a great stretch of health and become the best team we can possibly be,” Miller said.

“We are looking forward to hopefully a brighter new year when it comes to staying healthy and I would like nothing more than to have our entire team back for the first time and I think if we have that a lot of good things will be in our future.”

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