2016 Arizona Tight End Outlook

Arizona has plenty of talent at tight end next season, but will it use it? Read on for that answer and more.

One position that doesn’t get used as much as many people would like is tight end, but Arizona is going to have enough talent there next season where it may not have much of a choice.

Josh Kern had six games with at least one reception last season and while that isn’t a lot, it is certainly progress from the year before in which Arizona rarely used a true tight end.

In addition, we don’t know what kind of sets Arizona would have used had Trevor Wood been healthy.

Fast forward to next season and all of a sudden it is one of the deeper offensive positions. Rodriguez is not a coach that wastes talent, especially on offense, so if he believes Arizona can be better by using a tight end, he is going to use one.

Kern returns and is likely the starter at the position after catching eight balls for 59 yards and a touchdown.

Our guess is that he has a better year, but he is going to be challenged by a healthy Wood, who is finally looking to put together a successful season on offense.

In addition to those two, Matt Morin is hoping that instead of basically being a fourth or fifth string quarterback, he becomes an option as a pass catching tight end.

Morin is going to have some difficult getting in the rotation because when you compare him to a guy like Wood or Kern, he doesn’t have many advantages.

Add in Darrell Cloy with one more year under his belt and Brion Anduze coming off a redshirt season and you have to wonder if Morin’s future remains at tight end.

Cloy is intriguing because he did well in limited special teams action and figuring he gets in better shape, we can see Arizona lining him up out of the backfield and out wide as well.

If there was one player that we feel might be a better defensive player than tight end, it is Anduze. 

A good chunk of the schools that recruited Anduze did so with the defensive line in mind. He wanted a chance on offense and chose Arizona, but there are definitely more surprising decisions than if he moves to defense.

Jamie Nunley is another player that is going to come in and compete at tight end. With Arizona lacking some size, he could wind up being an option at wide receiver, but the current plan is to bring him in as a tight end and see how he adjusts after having sat out of football for a year as a greyshirt.

It is unclear how each player will do, but what we do know is that Arizona has plenty of talent at the position and that gives Rodriguez some more toys on offense. 

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