Tarczewski's status remains unclear

Although the hope is that Kaleb Tarczewski can play this weekend, it remains unclear. Read on for the latest.

When Kaleb Tarczewski went down with an injury, Arizona was hoping that he would be able to come back for Arizona State. While that may be the case, his status for this weekend is still unknown.

"Kaleb continues to move and progress at the rate that we thought," Sean Miller said. "He is now able to shoot and for the first time do a few things non contact. For us it is pretty much a wait and see every day, not just for the upcoming game."

Arizona would ideally like to have him back this weekend, but it is also going to be careful not to push things. 

"The thing that will set him back or slow his progress is if he would experience any type of pain with increased activity," Miller said.

"We’re gradually, ever so slowly, increasing his activity in hopes that one day leads to the next and he can string several days, a week together, and experience no pain."

The coaching staff has been dealing with Tarczewski's foot injury since it happened last month, but the senior center had also been fighting injury in the preseason.

"This is obviously something we have dealt with since August, not just three or four weeks ago," Miller said.

"As we get closer to the weekend we will have a better feel for his overall health and progress and if that checks out what role if any he would play in our first game and what role he would play from that point on.

"Where he is four days from now could be a different place both positively and negatively."

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