Tarczewski disappointed in defensive effort

Kaleb Tarczewski was critical of Arizona's defensive effort after a loss to UCLA. Read on for the latest.

Kaleb Tarczewski was disappointed after Arizona’s loss, but also made sure that he chose to look at some of the positives. 

“It’s very disappointing obviously to come out here and we obviously want to pick up the win, but I think there are a lot of lessons we can learn from this game,” Tarczewski said.

“The fact that with all of the mistakes we made we were still winning at the end was a big testament to how hard the guys on the team play and how much the team wants to win. We have a lot of things we have to work on defensively.”

There weren’t any excuses after the game, as Tarczewski said the defensive effort simply wasn’t there.

“We just weren't really locked in on defense,” he said. “They were kind of picking on us one on one and beating men out there. We have to really work on defense and get better.”

Arizona completely broke down on the last play and it resulted in a game-winning three by Bryce Alford.

“That isn’t what we do,” Tarczewski said. “It was kind of a misunderstanding, but there were a lot of other reasons and plays why we ultimately lost. The lost play was obviously a disappointment, but it happens.”

Echoing his head coach, Tarczewski realizes the importance of strong defense in road games.

“Offensively you might miss a couple shots now and then,” he said. “You come out in a big game like this and sometimes you come out a bit slow. 

“That is something you cant control, but we can control as a team is defense and we didn't do a good job of that through the first three quarters of the game.”

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