Trier's injury forcing changes

Allonzo Trier's injury has caused Sean Miller to reassess the roster. Read on for those details and more.

Before Allonzo Trier’s injury, Sean Miller had consistently said that he had never dealt with as many injuries has he had with this season’s team

Now that Trier is out 4-6 weeks, that experience is only getting worse.

“It hasn't been easy,” Miller said. “In my experience as a coach I haven't seen anything close to what we have dealt with. I believe part of the characteristics with this team is that we’re a resilient group.”

Miller is not ready to give up on the season, but it is difficult to at least not feel bad for those involved.

“If Allonzo wasn't sidelined for four weeks I would be more optimistic than pessimistic because up until this point we haven't played a single home game yet,” Miller said.

“Without him it hurts us. It hurts our depth, our offense, our scoring. You always feel bad for guys like Ray Smith and Allonzo who have such great talent and are sidelined.”

With Trier’s injury, Miller will once again have to work on the lineups.

“In Allonzo’s case you take our leading scorer away and because we are already depleted with Elliott and Ray not being able to play, in a sense we have lost three players at one position,” he said.

“You only have so many horses in the stable. Gabe York has changed what he does for us three different times, so it also affects the players on your team that are healthy. 

“No matter how much you want to keep things the same, they can’t. Now he is going to go back to the two.”

York is not the only one that will have to continue to move positions.

“Mark Tollefsen has bounced back and forth where without Kaleb he played more four, Kaleb came back and we started to shift him back and forth,” Miller said.

“Now he is going to be playing more perimeter than post. We’re asking these guys to do a lot, but that is the task at hand.”

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