A Closer Look: Alex Galindo

It's not often that Arizona goes to the Northeast to grab a recruit, but they may head to Big East country for the second straight year to find their man. Last year they snagged Mustafa Shakur from Philadelphia and this year they may just pull wing forward Alex Galindo out of New Jersey.

Alex Galindo
6-7, 195, SF
St. Benedict Prep, Newark, NJ

Galindo has all the skills you look for in a small forward. He's got the size, speed and skills you look for. He's a legit 6-7 and has the length you like to defend the passing lanes. He's got long arms, but lacks awkwardness that some long players possess. He's got a solid frame that looks like it can easily hold 10-20 pounds of additional muscle.

Galindo is quick and athletic. He's not a freak athlete like an Andre Iguodala, but he's got a load of ability. He's fast in the open court and strong battling for rebounds down low.

He's got a pretty good grasp of the game, especially on the offensive end of the floor. He doesn't hold on to the ball too long or over dribble. For the most part he makes good decisions and works well in a motion offense. He's got a nice stroke when his feet are set and is explosive when attacking the hoop.

He plays next to J.R. Smith on both his high school and AAU teams and accepts the part of role player when next to the blue chip shooting guard. It is encouraging to see him willing to play well with other talented players since he won't be the big dog when he gets to college.

Despite having all of the tools, none of them particularly jump out at you. He does a ton of things well, but nothing great (rebounding is close). He's got a load of upside, but as of now it looks as if he'll need some refinement.

At times he rushes his shot and forgets to set his feet. He takes good shots, but needs to develop a better feel for how much time he actually has. His shot always looks good coming off his hand, but he's still a streak shooter who can go cold for stretches.

Defensively he has some troubles. Galindo relies too much on his length and quickness and needs to work on his technique. He doesn't move his feet enough and too often gets caught reaching, which leads to silly fouls.

ARIZONA'S CHANCES: Good. Galindo was pleased that the Cats recently got involved. The native of Puerto Rico likes the warm weather and would prefer a school that has a strong Spanish speaking community. Arizona also has a veterinary science major, which would be valuable in his pursuit of becoming a veterinarian.

REMINDS US OF: Doug Christie

"Really savvy player. Has a great feel, makes shots and passes well."
--Dave Telep

OUR BEST GUESS: It is still too early. Galindo is just starting to make a name for himself and more teams may get involved. Arizona has as good a shot as anyone.

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