Carr ready to drive the Cats

Last year Beau Carr was thrust into the lineup when injuries started to pile up among the Wildcat running backs. After missing a good portion of the preseason camp with some medical difficulties, it looked like a sure thing that the freshman from Texas would redshirt. He was pressed into duty and suddenly he was the team's best threat in short yardage situations.

Beau Carr played in just seven games but was third on the team in rushing. Although he had just 151 yards rushing he led the team with four rushing touchdowns, over half the team's total.

Carr may only be 5-11, but he's a solid 210 pounds and loves to use his strength to run right through opponents. This toughness and determination made him the team's best short yardage guy, both last year and in the spring.

"I've been playing like this since I was yay high," Carr said. "It is something I have always had in me to run the ball very hard."

That "something" showed up in the spring when the Cats kept using him in the scoring zone. Carr hits the hole, lowers a shoulder and keeps the legs driving until he reaches his goal. He seems to thrive on the contact and dishes it out as much as he takes it. On a few occasions his impacts with defensive backs had both offensive and defensive players oohing and ahhing over the collisions.

Despite a decent freshman campaign and a very good spring, Carr was not content and vowed to be an improved player in the fall.

"I'm making a lot of improvements on things that I could have improved upon last year," Carr confessed. "Just because I was a freshman, does not mean I can't improve. Everybody improves. Whether you are a senior or whatever level you are at you can still improve."

The early season schedule has been a source of inspiration to Carr. He points to the early portion of the schedule as one major reason to stay in top physical condition.

"We're going to have a tough season next year, especially starting off. So I need to come back in shape and ready. I'll work hard and make sure I come back in great shape."

He should be a vital player for the Wildcats this season. Only Clarence Farmer has shown similar abilities in picking up the tough yards and with his surgically repaired knee, the coaches may want to limit his tough carries. Expect Carr to make a huge push to be the short yardage go-to guy.

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