Tollefsen gaining consistency

Sean Miller recently spoke highly of Mark Tollefsen's play. Read on to see what he had to say and more.

Mark Tollefsen has quietly played his best basketball of the season as of late and Sean Miller attributes it to being more comfortable.

“Mark is settling in,” Miller said. “He is used to playing now for us and used to playing in the Pac-12. 

“I think he understands what we do everyday and he is more comfortable. As much as both Ryan Anderson and him are older and more seasoned and experienced, they are not more seasoned and experienced in terms of Arizona.”

With Arizona having to deal with numerous injuries, Miller believes Tollefsen has been a key part of the rotation.

“He has given us a lot of depth,” Miller said. “I don’t know where we would be without him. 

“We lost Ray at the very beginning and losing Allonzo now and Elliott not playing, it has really put us in dire straits in some ways. 

“Mark has been one of the key components in continuing to let us grow and be better.”

Tollefsen’s minutes have been inconsistent at times, but the senior forward has not complained.

“The thing Mark’s done for our program since day one is he showed up as a team player,” Miller said. “He makes the extra pass. 

“If you’re open, he gives the ball up. At times he’s almost too unselfish. In fairness to Mark, not only has he learned our system in a crash course, but because of the injuries we’ve had, we have moved him all over the place.

“He’s played weeks, days, games while playing only the four, then all of a sudden weeks, games, only at the three. Then a little bit of both and now he’s back at the three. That’s not easy.”

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