Jessie Britt has a decision to make

Jessie Britt visited Arizona this past weekend. Read on to find out how it went and more.

Like hundred of other talented Floridians, Auburndale (Fla.) 2016 athlete Jessie Britt will likely have to leave the state to pursue his college dreams.

“I’m probably going to leave for college, so I just need to make sure that I’m going to a place where I can get better as a player and student,” Britt said.

“I think the options I have are good and the visit to Arizona couldn’t have gone better. Everybody was really cool and the goal was to talk football and what it is like to go to school there."

Britt has three final schools and is going to take a close look at each before deciding. 

“Right now, I’m looking at Arizona, University of Massachusetts and Western Kentucky," he said. "I like all three of those places and I’ve got a decision to make.

"The coaches are a big part of everything for me because all the staffs are great and they think I can play a lot of different positions because of my athleticism.”

The three-star prospect isn’t surprised by the uptick in his recruitment.

“My recruiting has picked up a little bit, but I knew if I continue to grind then I would get more attention," Britt said. "I can play. I’ve gotten good coaches who have pushed me and I’m the type of guy who wants to be really good at what I do.

“When you play in the state that I play in, there are so many players and there are guys that are just great players. It’s helped me and my game from an early age.

“I’m going to become the best player I can be and prove to whatever school I decide to go to that they were right to sign me.”

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