Sean Miller looking for balance

Arizona head coach Sean Miller continues to look for balance. Read on to see what he has to say about the offense and more.

Sean Miller continues to look for balance from his team, but also recognizes that the Wildcats are better on offense than they are on defense.

“I have enough evidence that some of the skill level of our basketball team this year favors the offensive side more than the defense,” Miller said.

“That does not mean it is okay for a team to score every time down or to have a sub par effort. If we are not playing exceptionally together and on assignment and with tremendous energy the chances of the other team scoring have never been greater.”

Due to the fact that Arizona is not defending as well as Miller would like, the margin of error is small.

“We just don’t have room for error,” he said. “We have a small group of guards and that affects defense. 

“We aren’t maybe as mobile or diverse or versatile we have been in the front court where we can change with the opponent. 

“This year’s team, we have a lot of good things and some of these injuries have never really allowed you guys to see where maybe the holes we have wouldn't be as big or there. This is the hand we have been dealt and we have to do the best we can.”

As well as Arizona has been playing offensively, Miller believes that looks can be deceiving.

“What’s amazing is that last year we were so good on defense and some of the scores weren’t as high because of that, that we weren't known to be as good on offense,” Miller said.

“We were better in each of the last two years on offense than we are this year. Two years ago when Nick Johnson was here, we were such a poor free-throw shooting that inevitably that did us in in a number of ways. 

“If you look up that team, it would be known about defense. If we were a better free-throw shooting team, we would have been unreal.”

It was much of the same story last season.

“Last year we were much better,” Miller said. “Once we got into the Pac-12 season, part of the reason we were 16-2 last year is that our offense was prolific. 

“You have to remember that this year part of why the points per game is up is there is an additional four possessions per game across the board. 

“I think we can keep getting better, but the last two years our offense probably doesn't get enough credit because we were known for defense.”

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