Ryan Anderson turns attention to Oregon

Ryan Anderson is hoping Arizona can get back in the win column and has turned his attention to Oregon. Read on to see what the forward had to say about the Ducks.

Ryan Anderson and Arizona have been a part of a few close games this season, but Anderson doesn't choose to focus on just the last shots against USC and Cal.

"Anytime you play a game on the road and it comes down to how you execute in the last war, there are a lot of things we messed up on that we would want to have back," Anderson said.

"There are so many plays we can focus on that it is hard to focus in on one play. We put the ball in Gabe’s hands and we all trust him to make a great play. I have seen him make the same move and have it go in."

Attention now turns to Oregon and Anderson is hoping that Thursday has a different outcome.

"Coming into the season everybody knew Oregon had a great team," he said. "They play a unique style with so many smaller players and such a fast tempo.

"There is no way you can fully get ready for a team like that until you play them. I think the first few minutes of the game will be interesting to see who kind of has the upper hand."

The Ducks present a challenge in the front court due in large part to their athleticism.

"They have a lot of shot blockers," Anderson said. "I am great friends with Jordan Bell, he played on my high school team a couple years. I am looking forward to that matchup personally, but in general Boucher is like number two or three in the country in shot blocks.

"Their front line is talented and Dillon Brooks is one of the hardest matchups in our conference right now. It is similar to the Stanford matchup. I am pretty sure I will be matched up with Dillon Brooks most of the game depending on how they do their matchups. It’s fun playing against such great players and great teams."

Not only would a win help Arizona in the standings, but it would keep the McKale winning streak intact as well.

"It is hard not to know it’s there, but for us it is can we win the most wars and can we come out with a win," Anderson said. "The streak takes care of itself.

"We pride ourselves on being tough to beat at home, so I think it is something we feed off of and I think we know in the back of our minds the streak is going on."

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