Miller continues to have confidence in York

Sean Miller continues to have confidence in Gabe York in late game situations. Read on to find out the three reasons why.

Sean Miller took time on Tuesday to state his confidence in Gabe York and his ability to hit shots at the end of the game.

“I think Gabe is a threat three ways,” Miller said. “Number one, obviously he is our best three-point shooter. 

“At the end of the game, if you have the ability to make the three, any type of screen you utilize with him is a lot better because the guy defending the screener has to help and the guy defending Gabe has to go over the top of the screen. 

“If you set that same game winning play with somebody that isn’t as proficient of a three-point shooter, that’s not the case. Both the guy guarding the screener and his own man don’t have to respect and what they do is take away a strong drive with a chance to get a second shot.”

In addition, Miller trusts York’s ability to handle the ball in close game situations.

“The second thing with Gabe is that from an assist to turnover perspective, his ability to make the clever, right play and protect the ball, he’s our best,” York said.

“He’s also our most experienced, having been in more big games than anybody but Kaleb. If he gets fouled, he is also our best free-throw shooter. 

“When you look at those three things, you live with the consequences of the make or miss.”

Although the focus is often on the last play, Miller feels like York’s success throughout the game should be noted as well.

“The last second play, as a coach, you think about this more than everybody else, the last play is the one everybody talks about, but you have to realize how much we utilize someone like Gabe at the end of the shot clock throughout the game,” Miller said.

“You miss it, you make it, there’s such a big emotional difference. He makes everybody better because they have to defend his three-point shot. If he is not the best on our team, he is certainly one of the best in the Pac-12.”

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