More with Cheyenne Moore from Las Vegas

Once set on heading to Georgetown, the athletic wing has had a change of heart since his sophomore year. His stock rose at ABCD and now he shares his feelings about the summer, recruiting and what he'll do to get himself ready for the college game.

Cat Tracks: How is your summer going?
Cheyenn Moore: It's going pretty good. The end of the summer is better than the beginning. I took a little bit of time off when I worked out at the IMG Academy down in Florida in the month of June. I did that to get ready for the July period, and it's going well. I'm finishing up strong out here.

CT: What camps have you been to?
CM: I went to the ABCD Camp a couple of weeks ago, and I'm about to go to the East Invitational Camp for the last session.

CT: Is that going to be your final camp?
CM: Yes sir.

CT: How is recruiting going for you?
CM: It's going really well. It picked up a lot a couple of weeks ago. I've heard from Arizona, Boston College, Virginia, DePaul, Georgia Tech, a lot of schools have shown interest in me. Every conference has shown interest in me. I kind of like that, it's what I was going for when I took some time off in June to make my game better.

CT: What are you looking at when it comes to school and a basketball program?
CM: A school that fits in well with what I'm trying to do, and also one that I fit in with what they're trying to do. I'm trying to get better and take basketball as far as I can take it. Whatever school is going to help me get there and whatever school I can help their program is the place I'm looking for.

CT: What makes things easier for you to fit in with a school?
CM: I feel that I'm more versatile than most players - I can play the 1, 2, or 3. I can handle the ball against a little guy or against a big guy. I can take them off the dribble either way. When I'm not shooting well I can pass the ball off and I think I can do everything. That's why I feel that I have a better chance than most guys in my position, because I can play 1 through 3.

CT: Do you want to stay closer to home or venture off?
CM: It really doesn't matter. Whatever school is going to help me the most is where I want to go.

CT: Any frontrunners at this point?
CM: Not really, I want to wait until after this tournament (Las Vegas Big Time) and then sit down with my family and coaches and see where I want to go.

CT: What parts of your game are you working on the most this summer?
CM: Mostly my shot. It needs to get better. And my strength. I need to gain at least 20 lbs to compete on the college level for 20-30 minutes a game. Those are the two main things I'm focusing on.

CT: How do you feel you compare to a lot of these other players at this camp?
CM: I fit in great. They're just other basketball players to me. I don't see them as intimidating.

CT: What are you looking for - socially and academically in a school?
CM: I'm not looking for a lot. The one that is going to challenge me and that will put my brain to the test. I like school and can handle it. So I'll be alright with that.

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