Arizona's success based on defense

Sean Miller is confident that Arizona's success this season is based on its defense. Read on for more.

Every team Sean Miller has coached has seen its success revolve around defense and this year is no different.

“Our defense, I am on them because we have to get better, but at times I think it shows that we have an upside to our defense,” Miller said.

As well as Arizona has been playing offensively, Miller still preaches that it can get better if the defense improves.

“It’s hard to get a lot of transition opportunities if the other team is always scoring or getting fouled,” he said.

“The better your defense gets, the more you can get out in transition.”

In fact, the last few seasons under Miller are a good indication of how the defense can lead to successful offense.

“If you continue to watch our offense the last couple years, right around this time we would take off partly because we learned how to play in transition and were always pushing it because we were getting stop after stop after stop,” Miller said.

“Part of this year and these next nine games, the better defensive team we become, the more transition opportunities we get.”

One player that is key to the team’s success on both sides of the ball is Kadeem Allen.

“Kadeem is our best perimeter defender, he has that assignment game in and game out,” Miller said. 

“If you exert as much energy as he did defensively, it can take its toll on offense. I remember Nick Johnson would use so much energy that sometimes his offense didn’t look right. of course, he is giving you so much on that end of the floor.”

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