Taylor not deterred by size

J.J. Taylor has heard he's too small to be successful. but Arizona is giving him a chance.

For Corona (Calif.) Centennial 2016 running back JJ Taylor, the decision on where he would play football came down to one factor: which offense fit him best.

 “Arizona gave me the most love, but everything in my choice came down to the fact that Arizona plays a very similar offense to what I plan in,” Taylor said.

“It was easy to see myself playing really well there and doing it in front of a lot of people because I have already done it.

"They told me from the beginning that they think height is overrated and they showed me other guys who have really stood out for them running between the tackles and making plays outside the box.”

The history of Rich Rod offenses also reassured Taylor.

“Coach Rich Rod always has a really good running back and it kind of made it an easy decision," Taylor said.

"They think I can carry the load and be a threat catching the ball and the thing that I like about it is they showed me exactly how they will use me"

Once again, Arizona made it clear that Taylor's size is not a factor.

“They didn’t care that I was smaller, they cared that I can play and they said they wouldn’t have gone so hard as they did if they didn’t think I could play," he said.

Taylor doesn’t believe his stature will pose any problem at the Pac-12 level.

“I know the offense that I’m going into and I played for and against some of the biggest best players in the country," Taylor said.

"The coaches love that I played a little angry and that I did it in the biggest games against the best players in the country. If I work hard, everything will work out well for me.”

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