Michael Eletise remains loyal

Despite being recruited by other schools, Michael Eletise remained loyal to Arizona. Read on to find out why that is and more.

It says a lot when a player in football recruiting remains loyal and there aren’t any players that were as loyal as Honolulu Kaiser offensive lineman Michael Eletise.

"I am very excited to sign with Arizona," Eletise said. "I actually thought that I was already an official Arizona Wildcat, but they want me to sign this paper to make it official. I'm just so excited to finally be an official Wildcat.

"I was stuck between two schools. I woke up one day and I just knew that Arizona is the school that I want to go to. It hasn't changed since.”

Eletise’s commitment never stopped other coaches from continuing to recruit him. 

"Other coaches have called me since and tried to get me to take officials to their schools," Eletise said. 

"I have to tell them, 'With all due respect coach, Arizona is the school for me and I'm 100-percent sure about that.'

"As a football player, I feel like you should respect all of the coaches. Saying no to them felt disrespectful to me, but it was the right choice because I was committed.”

In fact, Eletise’s commitment was so strong he would often tell the Arizona coaches that they did not need to visit.

"The coaches come out here and I tell them that they don't need to," Eletise said. "I told them they already got me and there's nothing to change that. 

“If they want to come out here, they might as well make it like a vacation, but they just wanted to see me and spend time with me. I didn't think it was that important because I was already a Wildcat at heart.”

When Eletise visited Arizona, the campus made a major impression on him.

"It's a big campus, but not too big," he said. "It doesn't take too long to get across campus. 

“University is nice with all of the great places to eat. Everything is really close and amazing. 

"It fits me and my personality. I can see myself spending the next four to five years there." 

When Eletise finally chose Arizona, he did so because of the coaching staff and wanting to help build a program.

“Arizona has a great program, but I think that the atmosphere at Arizona was just like a family and families can be great together,” he said.

"I felt like I had a connection with the coaches and the players. It was really tight knit and there are some Polynesian players there, so it was great."

"[Ragle] is like one of those goofy uncles. He’s a coach, but he is like a goofy uncle because he is so passionate about his players. He's passionate about the game of football and it just really ties our relationship.”

In terms of positions, Eletise will be working at a few.

"I can play guard and they will probably try me out at a couple positions," Eletise said. "That's okay with me because I'll play wherever they want me to. It's a D-1 college, so whatever I play is a good position."

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