Jarrius Wallace wants to be the best

Jarrius Wallace wants to be one of the best players in Arizona history. Read on to see why he chose the Wildcats and more.

When Marrero (La.) Jarrius Wallace has a unique perspective on the recruiting process.

“I got my offers from Arizona and Colorado and got to see places I have never seen before, Wallace said.

“It was fun, but when I had to make a decision and choose a school, it did get kind of stressful.”

Arizona got on Wallace relatively late, but he was able to develop a strong relationship with the coaching staff.

“Coach Addae and I talk and write a lot,” Wallace said. “Calvin Magee is from down here in Louisiana, so I talk to him a lot.”

Having a coach from Louisiana is nice, but not something that played a major role in Wallace’s decision.

“That really didn't matter to me,” Wallace said. “If it was about that, I could have gone with my best friend to Colorado. 

“It is about how I felt and where I got and felt the most comfortable. I could see myself there for next four years of my life.”

Wallace is part of a football team that will see five players sign for D-I football and that experience has made him better.

“That is the most fun thing about it,” he said. “I play against guys that will be on the next level and it prepares me, helps me, and get better. 

“We get after it together and it is all about competition, which makes you better.”

It’s that competition that will likely help Wallace push to play right away.

“It is all about what I do and the work I put in,” he said. “If I put in the work and fit, it will fall in place. 

“I am going to work hard and I am not worried about that. I feel that working hard gets you playing time and there is a chance I get there.”

So what do Arizona fans have to look forward to?

“I am dedicated, a hard worker, and I want to make every play,” Wallace said. “I am determined to be the best and I want to be the best and I am willing to work to do that.”

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