Poindexter gets to stay home

Shawn Poindexter has had a crazy 24 hours that led to him signing with Arizona. Read on to find out about that and more.

In one of the more surprising commitments of this class, Glendale (Ariz.) Community College wide receiver Shawn Poindexter committed to Arizona one day before Signing Day and almost immediately upon receiving an offer.

“Arizona came by my school in early January and a week or two ago and we talked for a bit,” Poindexter said. “They called one of my coaches and he told me and the offer was on the table.”

Poindexter was committed to Marshall, so choosing to attend Arizona came with a decommitment.

“I prayed a lot about it,” he said. “My coaches and family and mentors and my pastor’s family as well. 

“I saw an opportunity to succeed and accomplish my ultimate goal, so I felt the overall culture was better not just for me, but for the family as well.”

Marshall’s reaction was more positive than one would assume.

“The receivers coach was legit happy for me,” Poindexter said. “We developed a really good relationship and he wanted what was best for me and he knew that this is best.”

Poindexter was surprised by the offer, but Arizona simply has too much going for it to turn down. 

“It was definitely something that was unexpected for sure,” he said. “It is right in my backyard, so I could stay close with my family and they could make the games. 

“I’ve been there because I have some friends that go there and I am boys with Layth Friekh, so I have watched him on television. We’re pretty close, we played basketball and football together.”

At 6-foot-6, Poindexter knows he will be the biggest receiver on just about every team in the country.

“Wherever I go I am going to be the biggest receiver on the roster,” he said. “I was expecting that, so it is not something I take a close look at.

“I feel like I can go in and make plays, similar to how they used Cayleb Jones. I am a bigger target, but I can also make plays with the ball in my hands.”

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