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Arizona finds itself in a familiar position

Arizona finds itself in a familiar position as it heads to Colorado.

Arizona is in a similar position to where it was at this time last season as it heads on the final road trip of the season. 

“We’re an improving team, no question about it,” Sean Miller said. “We’re a much better basketball team than we were even a month ago. 

“We face the same four game stretch this year as we did last year. An identical four games in a row. The same road trip at the same time. 

“We went to Colorado and then played a pivotal game at Utah. I feel like our team is in a good place. That doesn’t mean we’re going to win every game, especially on this road trip.”

When it comes to Wednesday’s game against Colorado, Miller and the Wildcats have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

“Colorado is a physical team and rebounds the ball exceptionally well, especially on offense,” Miller said. “They are always a solid defensive team.

“You can make the argument they have been our conference’s most consistent defensive team. They are a hard team to score on, rebound very, very well.”

Colorado’s success is not based completely off its defensive play, however.

“The one statistic that maybe caught me by surprise is how well they have shot the three-point shot,” Miller said. “They do it well as a team, their percentage is very good. 

“The one key player, who is older and we have faced many times, is Josh Scott. He is healthy this year and a senior. A lot like Kaleb, playing his heart out here in his last year and he is a very good player, very meaningful to their overall success.”

The Buffs’ success shooting the three ball comes in a variety of ways.

“They do it in transition and playing inside out, similar to what we do,” Miller said. “When you throw it inside to somebody like Josh Scott, he is a clever passer and demands a double team and moves the ball very well. 

“The biggest point is that they don’t shoot the ball from one position on the perimeter, they have a number of guys who can shoot it.”

Arizona had its first legitimate break of the season this past week, as it only faced ASU whereas Colorado is coming off of two tough games.

“On their end, coming off a tough road trip, they have their last home stand of the year,” Miller said. “Two meaningful games, they are going to be playing their hearts out and playing hard. 

“On our end, we really had the first break in a long, long time because of how our schedule has unfolded. We hope we took advantage of it.”

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