Wallow's recruitment picking up

Garret Wallow's recruitment is picking up. Read on for the latest.

With a renewed emphasis on recruiting rangy athletes on the defensive side of the ball, it makes perfect sense that Arizona would be interested in New Orleans (La.) John Curtis 2017 safety Garret Wallow.

“My strength is my athleticism and that I’m 6 foot 2 and most people I think get that,” Wallow said.

“Whether that’s on the basketball court or playing football, I always feel that I’m one of the guys out there who can do some things that not a ton of other guys can do.”

It’s not just the run and jump part of the game that Wallow enjoys.

“A big part of my love for football is being able to track the ball and lower the hit on players," Wallow said. "I love seeing the ball in the air and going for the pick or trying to make the wide receiver or whoever drop it.

“When the running back has the ball and he’s running through the gap I want him to know that I’m there. The entire game to me is just fun.”

As one might imagine, a multitude of schools are already competing for Wallow’s services.

“I’m not going to name a leader, but it seems I’m getting a new offer or interest every day," he said.

"Just the other day Arizona offered me. I know they have recruited some guys from this area, and it sounds like they will be recruiting me even more in the coming months.”

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