Bryce Gilbert enjoys Arizona visit

Bryce Gilbert recently took a visit to Arizona and came away impressed. Read on for the latest.

Arizona continues to prioritize in-state recruiting and  Gilbert Higley 2017 tight end Bryce Gilbert is certainly one of those priorities.

“I think the best part to my game is that I can be a tight end with good hands, good height and good speed,” Gilbert said.

“I kind of see myself in that new mold of tight ends that can cause problems for defenses because I can work the middle or get deep on the seams and then I like my chances against a defensive back.”

Gilbert visited Arizona this past weekend.

“The trip was a lot of fun," he said. "It seems that all the new coaches and players are hitting it off and that while everything is a little bit new, the players are all on the same page. I liked the energy a lot and I liked that they had a plan for me.

“The coaches said their offense is very flexible and that it’s about getting playmakers out there for the quarterbacks to get the ball to. I could definitely see myself getting back out there because I liked what I heard and saw.”

Another in state school is pushing Gilbert to visit.

“ASU has had a lot of the same things to say," Gilbert said. "They think I can fit in very well with what they want to do offensively and they like the fact that I’m in an in-state kid because they want to keep as many of those guys home as possible.

"I’m not sure what school I end up at or if I will leave the state or not, but I know I’m doing something right that places like Arizona and Arizona State like me.”

Academics will play a role in Gilbert’s collegiate destination.

“I’ve always been interested in the pharmacy field and I would like to enter a program that has a good reputation on that," he said. 

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