What's the impact of Ferguson's commitment?

Arizona has landed five-star wing Terrance Ferguson. Read on to see what it means for the Wildcats.

As if it wasn’t impressive before, Arizona’s 2016 recruiting class is approaching the best in the school history if it is not there already.

With the commitment of five-star wing Terrance Ferguson, the Wildcats now have four-five star prospects.

Not only is that impressive in its own right, but Arizona has a five-star at point guard, shooting guard, small forward, and power forward. 

What Arizona is doing in this class is basically the Kentucky model and with the Final Four being in Phoenix this upcoming season, it makes sense.

We have consistently said that Arizona was hoping to set everything up for a run at the title when the Final Four was in Phoenix, but even we did not originally anticipate a class like this.

You often hear Arizona fans hope that the Wildcats had more shooters and that is exactly what they are adding with Ferguson, though he doesn’t deserve to simply be labeled as only a shooter.

With big time athleticism, good length, and a great shooting stroke, Ferguson is one of the more dynamic offensive weapons in high school basketball.

Ferguson may need to improve his ball-handling, but he is an explosive athlete and has good quickness and length.

Due to his physical skills, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be a good defensive player in college and he had the dedication to do just that.

You have to assume that Ferguson will get stronger and although we do think one of his weaknesses is his ability to handle, that has gotten better as of late due in large part to his work ethic.

Arizona has now gone from a team that struggled immensely on defense because it lacked athletes to a team that now has athletes at every position and has the length, size, and quickness to be a good defensive team right away.

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