What we learned: Arizona's Wide Receivers

We take a look at Arizona's wide receivers coming out of spring practice.

Arizona lost Cayleb Jones and David Richards at wide receiver, but the Wildcats still have plenty of depth returning this upcoming season.

Trey Griffey looks to be the clear leader of the group and should be in line for a breakout season. With Jones and Richards off the roster, Griffey is going to play the role of the bigger receiver and with that increased size comes increased targets.

In addition to Griffey, stability will come from Nate Phillips and Samajie Grant. If Phillips can stay healthy, there’s really no reason why he shouldn’t be able to have a strong season.

Phillips has shown a knack for getting into the end zone and you can make a case that he is the most reliable receiver of the group.

Grant struggled last season and will be the first to admit that, but the hope is that he has gotten rid of those distractions both on and off the field.

There’s no doubt that Grant is talented and there have been times where he has looked like one of the better receivers in the Pac-12.

Unfortunately, there were also times when he completely disappeared and he needs to get rid of those in order to reach his full potential.

Tony Ellison has been highly praised by teammates and supposedly has some of the best hands on the team, but it is difficult to get excited until we see him in legitimate action.

You can say something similar about Shun Brown, who has good speed, but was never able to earn a real opportunity last season.

The wildcard in all of this is Cam Denson. After playing corner last season and basically checking out as the season progressed, Denson is playing the position that he likely wished he was playing last season.

Denson is one of the most dynamic athletes on the team and he was a better receiver than corner in high school, but wanted to be on the field right away.

Now there is a chance for him to contribute at wide receiver and the coaching staff is going to work in order to get him in the open field.

If Denson can come close to expectations, Arizona’s receivers should be just as good as last season, if not better.

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