What we learned: Arizona's Tight Ends

Will Arizona use its tight ends more this season? Read on to see what we learned this spring.

Rich Rodriguez has consistently said that he would like to use a tight end in his offense, but as soon as it appears that he will, it then doesn’t happen to the extent that Arizona fans would like to see it happen.

If things go as planned this season, however, that could change.

Brion Anduze went down with a major knee injury that has already required one surgery and could require another.

We had numerous people close to the program tell us that they had high expectations for Anduze going into spring practice, so this may be a bigger loss than people assume.

Anduze had the build and athleticism to not only be a threat catching the ball, but blocking as well.

With Anduze’s injury, Kern seems to be the most likely tight end next in line. Kern caught eight balls for 59 yards and a touchdown last season, so there’s no pretending he had a major role.

Arizona simply did not target him a lot, but we truly don’t know if that is a design of the offense or because Kern wasn’t good enough to make an impact.

Moving on to the other candidates, Trevor Wood represents a player that fans are waiting to reach his potential.

Wood came into Arizona as a four-star player, but has battled injuries and a position change on his way to trying to make an impact.

If you wanted to pick the tight end with the best physical tools, Wood would be it. However, as we know by now, football is much more than that and Wood has to prove that he can stay healthy and get down the mental aspect as well.

Speaking go the eye test, Matt Morin looks like a completely new player. We don’t know how well he will do this season, but he looks absolutely huge and has put on considerable muscle.

Jamie Nunley comes in as a freshman and is the tallest of the bunch, but it will be difficult for him to contribute right away, especially over players that have already been here for a season.

We can talk about each player that may or may not contribute, but it doesn’t matter much unless there is more of a focus on having those players contributing.

The most interesting aspect of the tight end competition is whether those tight ends will be used enough. 

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