What we learned: Arizona's Cornerbacks

Arizona's corners have had some mixed results in the past. Read on to see what spring practice taught us and more.

Corner is an interesting position for Arizona because while it appears that the Wildcats don’t have enough depth, the coaching staff feels it has enough bodies to move a few corners to safety.

For starters, Jarvis McCall and Kwesi Mashack have both been moved to safety. McCall actually wasn’t a terrible corner, but Arizona wants to add length and athleticism to its group of safeties and McCall fits in nicely there.

Machack may not have the size of McCall in terms of height, but he is a physical player that did well on special teams last season.

Arizona apparently feels more confident about its corners than its safeties because there is no reason to make this move if that’s not the case.

Right now, Dane Cruikshank is clearly the best corner on the team and Donte Williams has said as much.

Cruikshank redshirted last season and it seems to be paying off, as he entered the spring as a bit of an unknown and left at as a player surrounded by high expectations.

At 6-foot-1, 204 pounds, Cruikshank represents the physical corner that the Wildcats simply did not have last season.

He is not going to get pushed around and showed in the spring that he is able to push receivers off the line nearly right off their route.

The other corner spot seems to belong to Davonte Neal. There may not be a more frustrating defensive player than Neal because there is no denying that the tools are there.

However, he has yet to put those tools together for a complete season on either side of the ball and it has become frustrating.

This season is a make or break situation for the senior Neal, but he will get the best coaching he has ever had and will also be trusted to make plays.

Beyond that, it gets a little shaky. Sammy Morrison missed spring ball because of an injury and we don’t have much of a timeline.

The positive aspect is that he isn’t completely new, but sitting out the spring obviously is not going to help.

Devin Holiday is also going to get an opportunity with the new coaching staff, but has yet to show enough positives to make us believe he will be successful this season.

Jace Whittaker got playing time last season, but also got beat up and lacked major strength

Antonio Parks is a freshman and he definitely is athletic enough to play right away, but it isn’t easy and he still has some work to do.

As it stands now, we trust Arizona’s starting corners. There just isn’t a ton of depth, which means that unless Lorenzo Burns comes in and is able to play right away, there are some legitimate concerns. 


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