Shaun Livingston Q&A

He's one of the nation's top overall recruits and at this stage of the game the top point guard recruit in the country. Shaun Livingston has that unique combination of height, skill and vision that one rarely sees in a point guard. At 6-6 he's drawing comparisons to Penny Hardaway and Magic Johnson and, while it is still too early to put him into that class, he certainly has the talent to be mentioned with their names.

Cat Tracks caught up with Shaun Livinston for a quick Q&A.

Cat Tracks: How has your summer been?

Shaun Livingston: It has been hectic. I've been to all of the top events since the beginning of the summer. I went to the NBA Camp, the USA Development Festival, then the ABCD.

Cat Tracks: How's recruiting going so far?

SL: It's going good. Pretty smooth.

Cat Tracks: Has it been tough with everyone calling and wanting to find out where you're going to school?

SL: It's been a little like that, but that's just how it is. The media is always looking for something and you've got to treat them right to get respect.

Cat Tracks: What are some things you're working on this summer to improve your game?

SL: I'm working on getting stronger and developing more foot speed so I can guard some of these quicker point guards. I'm also working out and trying to improve the consistency on my outside jumper.

Cat Tracks: What are some things you're looking for when it comes to a school?

SL: I'm looking at the style of play. That's one of the biggest considerations. I want to find a style that fits my game. And what conference fits my game. I'm also looking at the coaches and how comfortable I am with them, as well as the players. Then the facilities, academics and all of the off-course stuff.

Cat Tracks: What style of play fits you the best?

SL: Up and down. Anybody can tell just by watching my game. I'm an open court type of player and that's where I flourish.

One thing that has impressed us with Livingston is his increased confidence. Last year at the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament he played well, but he was tentative and looked to pass almost exclusively. After leading his team to the state championship you can see that he is more confident. Not only is he looking to score more, but he's a better floor leader. The change is apparent both on and off the floor. Even his interviews are more confident.

Rumors have him a done deal to Duke, but we hear Arizona is in very good with the Peoria native. North Carolina is trying to get involved and Illinois is still in the picture. Livingston is scheduled to visit Arizona for Midnight Madness.

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