Arizona Quarterback Priority List

Arizona has narrowed down its quarterback focus. Read on for the latest update.

Arizona is looking to land one more quarterback in the 2017 class and definitely has some solid options out there.

Rodriguez is currently the only quarterback on board. He is a legitimate prospect and we wont’t really know who else wanted him because it was a foregone conclusion he would wind up at Arizona. Still, he knows the offense better than anyone and that includes guys like Anu Solomon and the current quarterbacks on the roster. Rodriguez is going to help increase the quarterback situation and at the very least be able to push the others because of his knowledge of the offense.

Burmeister was committed to Arizona at one point and then decided to open up his options. Washington and Indiana became heavily involved with others stopping by to recruit him as well. Arizona never stopped recruiting him in hopes of changing his mind and recently got Burmeister on campus. The Wildcats continue to do well in this recruitment and there is a possibility it is able to get him back in the picture, but Washington is going to try its hardest to make sure that doesn’t happen.

After Burmeister decommitted, it did not take long for Arizona to offer Sears. Since then, UCLA and a few others have offered and it seems unlikely that Sears goes to Arizona. The coaching staff will continue to recruit him, though the general thought is that the Bruins are now going to be difficult to beat. 

Outlook: As you can tell, Arizona is being picky with its quarterback recruiting. Bruce Judson could technically play quarterback, but he is probably better in another area. The coaching staff already has Khalil Tate and Brandon Dawkins for a few more years and Rodriguez coming in. It would have loved to land Deejay Dallas, but the Wildcats didn’t make his top six. We’re confident Arizona is heavily involved with Burmeister and he has gone completely off the radar in terms of interviews. Should Arizona be able to land him, the class would be complete at quarterback and Arizona will have landed a player that was always its top target at the position. 

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