Maurice Bell getting closer to a decision

Wide receiver Maurice Bell is getting closer to a decision. Read on for the latest.

Murrieta (Calif.) Valley 2017 wide receiver Maurice Bell figures to be one of the next highly regarded California skill players to announce where he will attend college.

“It still the same list of schools that I’m interested in,” Bell said. “I like Nebraska, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Boston College.

"They all have good things going for them. I’ve already taken some visits to these places, but I definitely plan on going back if possible. There aren’t any planned visits right now, but that could change at any time.”

Arizona believes Bell is an ideal fit in it’s offense.

“They have a lot of quick guys that make plays and that is one of the big things they always tell me," Bell said. "Every school has a good pitch."

Soon it will be time for Bell to decide what pitch is the best.

“I plan on deciding in June," he said. "I’m looking at doing it in the next month. The offense and coach is going to be a huge part.

"I need to have the trust in the coach that he knows what he is doing and that in their offense there is a precedent for somebody like me playing well.

“I have some good choices, so I’m not too worried. Everyone will know my decision soon.”

In the meantime, Bell is going to continue to work on his skills.

“It’s crazy for me because I have all one of the biggest decisions of my life coming up, yet at the same time I can’t afford to lose any time training," Bell said.

"Right now I’m just working on my route running and getting in and out of my cuts faster and more precise. I’m not going to forget what got me to this point.”

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