Under Armour Arizona Prospect Evaluations

Numerous Arizona prospects were in action at the Under Armour Session III. Read on for their evaluations and more.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - There were numerous Arizona prospects in attendance at this past weekend’s Under Armour Association Session III. The following are our evaluations from the weekend:



We only saw Wilkes once, but that was enough for us to realize he is one of the best players in the country. Against Showtime Hoops, Wilkes finished with 25 points on 11-15 shooting to go with five rebounds and two steals.

Offensively, Wilkes basically does what he wants. He showed athleticism on numerous dunks, hit his only three-point attempt, and got to the line. Wilkes probably could have gotten more points, but also chose to get his teammates involved.

When we talked to Wilkes he told us that everybody is recruiting him, but any school that hasn’t offered him is doing something wrong because he is a top ten player. 


We watched Lee three times this past weekend and he generally played well. In two of those games, Lee started slowly and needed some trash talk to get him motivated. Once he reached that point mentally, Lee was one of the better players on the court.

Three of Lee’s four games went for a double double and his motor was a big part of it. He lacks a consistent jump shot, but his form isn’t bad and we think he has the ability to get coached up a bit and become a better shooter. At the very least, Lee will be a tough player that will attack the glass and that’s more rare than one would think.


If you want to know how much respect Duval has on the circuit, we watched him three times and at no point was only one player guarding him. He struggled with Josh Anderson’s length, but played a nice game against Cal commit Jemarl Baker, as he went for 20 points and seven assists.

There’s no denying Duval’s talent and eventually he won’t see a double or triple team every time he touches the ball. However, he never panics in those situations and makes the right decision more often than not.


In a game on Saturday that also featured Trevon Duval, Anderson was the best player on the court. He shot 11-20 for 28 points while adding seven rebounds and two blocks and handling the point. Defensively, Anderson held Duval to nine points and forced the point guard to struggle with his length. Anderson’s shot could use a little improvement, but it isn’t awful by any means, as he hit a three in both games we saw him in. 

He gets to the basket at will and once he is in the paint, the defender has major difficulty stopping Anderson because of his length and athleticism. It’s that same athleticism that makes Anderson such a good defender as well. He is currently rated as a four-star prospect and holds numerous offers, but we feel comfortable saying Anderson is under recruited.



In terms of pure talent, Liddell is easily one of the best players nationally in 2018. He can score on three levels and has the ability to create his own shot on a deadly step back dribble. If there is one issue that Liddell has, it is that he needs to be tougher. The talent is there and there is no denying it, but he was coasting a bit at times instead of being as aggressive as he should and struggled some with a physical defender.

Those are problems that can probably be fixed and some added strength will go a long way, so he will wind up having offers from just about everyone. 


We saw three of Norris’ four games and he scored in double figures in two of them. He probably could have scored more, but his teammates did not involved him as much as they should have. One aspect of that is that they simply were not looking for him enough and the other is that Norris needs to be more aggressive.

He is still a baby in the sense that he is growing and still figuring out just how good he could be. Norris is already one of the top prospects in the west and once he gets stronger and puts on some good weight, he will be even better. It’s apparent why Arizona decided to offer him early in the process.



He may be young, but something would have to take a major turn for Brooks not to remain an elite prospect and eventually a NBA player. He is smoother in nearly everything he does and we watched him go for 25 points and nine rebounds. In addition, he finished with 32 and eight in the next games.

Brooks is playing against kids his age and that’s not a negative, but he would absolutely handle his own against the older players. He basically does everything well and we would expect Arizona to get involved with him sooner than later. 

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