Arizona Cornerback Priority List

Arizona is looking to land numerous corners this cycle. Read on to see the list of priorities.

Arizona is looking to land numerous cornerbacks in this class and the following are the priorities as of now:

Holmes is the dream recruit out of Arizona’s entire recruiting board. UCLA and Stanford are considered the leaders with Nebraska in there as well. Arizona is going to keep trying with the hope that a big season and official visit could sway Holmes, but this looks like a long shot for the Wildcats.

Arizona has a legitimate chance of landing Graham and if we had to guess, this one comes down to the Wildcats and UCLA. Graham was committed to USC at one point, but the new coaching staff didn’t do much to hold onto him. He has visited Arizona a few times and will likely take an official visit as well. We expect Arizona to be right there in the end.

The former ASU commit, Perry has some national options now as well and could still wind up going back to ASU. Arizona is recruiting him, but it won’t be easy and there is a family connection at ASU that Arizona and other schools don’t have. If the coaching staff can get him on campus, it could become interesting, but Perry doesn’t have those plans yet.

Blades was going to decide this month, but it appears that has been pushed back with a Nebraska offer. He is visiting Florida in the next week and the Gators are another school that is doing well here. Blades is one record as saying Arizona is in his top two and even with a Nebraska offer, we think the Wildcats are currently in pretty good shape.

Arizona, Oklahoma, and USC are doing a good job in this recruitment and will likely get visits. Arizona is probably running third in that bunch, but Johnson claims the Wildcats have a legit shot and Arizona has definitely prioritized him. USC feels confident in this one, so a visit would likely go a long way.

Singleton cut his list and Arizona was on it. Our guess is that it will continue to be an option, especially with Arizona’s ability to recruit Louisiana. Arkansas and Houston are the other two options to look for and Singleton has said that he wants to take a visit to Arizona at some point.

Maxwell is unsure of when he wants to decide, but Arizona was one of the few schools that got a head start on him. South Florida is another and will be able to pitch staying close to home, though Arizona has been successful recruiting Florida. Maxwell is likely to take an official visit to Arizona unless he finds a way to take an unofficial one this summer.

Arizona leads for Garrett as of now with Rutgers right there as well. He is the type of player that will see his stock increase this summer, so Arizona likely made a smart move recruiting him early. Jahmile Addae is recruiting Garrett, who has no idea when he would like to make a decision.

Robertson has a handful of offers with Arizona being arguably his biggest one. Once again, the Wildcats go to Louisiana for a corner, though Robertson could easily play both sides of the ball. Southern Mississippi recently offered and is another school getting consideration.

Arizona has been getting involved in Texas more and Davis is a good example of this. The Wildcats will have to fight off schools such as Arkansas, Oklahoma State, and others that have recruited Texas on a more consistent basis. Davis is likely a long shot for Arizona, but the coaching staff has to start somewhere. 

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