Jeremy Singleton taking his time

Arizona is hoping Louisiana athlete Jeremy Singleton will visit. Read on for the latest.

Although the Arizona football program is off to a quick recruiting start to the 2017 class, there are still numerous targets on the board and one of those targets is New Orleans Brother Martin athlete Jeremy Singleton.

“The teams that I like the most right now are Northwestern, Houston, Kansas and Virginia along with a couple others,” Singleton said. “I’ve already visited Northwestern and that was a heck of a time and coming up I have a June 17th visit to Houston, which I’m looking forward to.

"I’m in the process of trying to set up some other visits. I just have to figure out when.”

Arizona hopes Singleton decides to visit Tucson.

“Coach Magee was out here earlier and he said they’re keeping any eye on me and that they’d like me to come out and take a visit at some point," Singleton said. "It’s something I plan on doing here soon.'

 The Wildcats have time to catch up in the recruitment of Singleton.

“At first I planned on making my decision before school starts, but a lot of teams have sent me offers here in the past couple weeks," he said.

"I’ll see what I want to do, but right now I’m probably going to wait until January.”

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