Friday Pangos All-American Evaluations

Friday's action at the Pangos All-American Camp saw numerous Arizona prospects. Read on to see how they performed.

CERRITOS, Calif. - The first night of the Pangos All-American Camp is in the books and there were plenty of Arizona recruits in action. Here is an evaluation of the players we were able to see on Friday:

This was our first time seeing Dawson and he is an intriguing prospect. It’s difficult to evaluate in this environment because it can get messy at times and Dawson did not handle the point consistently despite being a point guard. However, he showed a nice ability to score and made all four of his field goal attempts. 

Dawson got into the lane with ease and made good decisions on whether or not to shoot or pass it. We’re going to need to see Dawson again before we feel comfortable saying what type of prospect he is, but we definitely see why he is a player that will likely see his recruitment pick up this summer.

It was our first viewing of Nickelberry and he did not disappoint, as he scored 17 points. He only shot one three, but made it and scored the majority of his points off hustle and playing harder than his opponents. 

We really liked the energy he brought to the game and was one of the few guys that took every play seriously, which isn’t very common in these types of events. Nickelberry is a guy that Arizona is keeping an eye on for now, but his hustle and ability to do the smaller things are things that a lot of teams are going to want.

Lee finished with 12 points and his motor was once again the story. You won’t see Lee take many plays off and on Friday he showed his ability to get out in transition and slam it with authority. 

The four-star prospect hit one jumper and the rest were dunks, a few of which came off the glass. Lee is much bouncier than he was a year ago and while he isn’t the one and done type of prospect, there is a ton of value in what he brings to the court.

He’s the best player in 2017 and reminded everybody why on Friday. There really isn’t anything Ayton can’t do, whether it is dunking it with authority or stepping back and hitting a three. There’s not a ton to say here. He is the best prospect in attendance and probably could have scored every time down court if he wanted to. 

Ayton was supposed to go up against Brandon McCoy, but McCoy did not play because of injury. That meant that Ayton basically had nobody guarding him because the other team did not have a center, but it would not have mattered much.

Scorers are going to shine in this atmosphere and that’s exactly what Singleton did. He dropped 22 points, hitting 9-12 shots and four of five from behind the arc. We were extremely impressed by Singleton’s ability to put up good shots and not force the issue. He can score on three levels and will likely be a player that has an offer from the majority of the Pac-12. 

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