Saturday Pangos All-American Evaluations

Once again numerous prospects were in action at the Pangos All-American Camp. Read on to see how Arizona's recruits performed.

CERRITOS, Calif. - The second day of the Pangos All-American Camp allowed us to see numerous Arizona prospects in action.


There aren’t many players in the country that can shoot with Trent and he showed why on Saturday. When we saw him, he went 4-4 from the field and hit his only three-point attempt. He can really score on all three levels and is confident in his mid-range game and from behind the arc. Arizona will ultimately have difficulty landing him, but Trent can really score and will be able to carry that to the college level with ease.

Green was aggressive on Saturday and while he is able to score, we think he is at his best when he is setting up others. Green has a knack for knowing where his teammates will be and that’s not easy to do with a team of guys he has never played with before. He got into the lane with consistency and went to the line seven times, making all of his attempts. Green is leading the EYBL in assists and we can see why despite the environment probably not being the best for his skill set.

O’Bannon scored 10 points on 4-5 shooting and put his skills on display. He is very smooth and has a high basketball I.Q. His skills are in his shooting ability and he created a few shots on his own as well. He’s not the best ball-handler, but he is definitely good enough and we’re going to assume he will get better in that area. Once O’Bannon gets a little stronger he will be an even better prospect, but he is just fine as it is right now.

Alexander was one of the better players we saw on Saturday, finishing 11-11 from the field combined in his two games. The four-star prospect is strong to the basket and a high energy player as well. Not only did he score in the lane, but he hit at least three three-pointers and has a smooth release. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Arizona pick it up with Alexander and he is probably a bit under-recruited as of now.

Preston was his normal dominant self on Saturday, scoring 15 points on 7-8 shooting. He is a face up four, but Preston’s strength is a major issue for the man guarding him, especially when he decides to get to the rim. When he plays hard, Preston is one of the best players in the country and he played hard the entire game we saw him in. In fact, Preston got into it a bit with another player and had to be benched, but it was nice seeing him be so competitive in this environment.

Garrett only scored six points when we saw him, but you can see why his recruitment is picking up. He is unselfish almost to a fault, but he consistently makes the right decision. He scored his points in the paint and got there consistently. It’s hard to evaluate players at Pangos, but we liked the little we saw from Garrett despite wanting him to be a little more aggressive.

Dawson was impressive on Saturday as he went for 13 points on 6-8 shooting. He wasn’t very aggressive on Friday and played off the ball, but that was switched up on Saturday. Dawson was very effective with the ball in his hands and is quite athletic. He’s better at driving than shooting right now, but his form is fine and we can definitely see him improving in that area.

We had the most fun watching Duval on Saturday. He is nearly unstoppable in transition and he got there often. He gets to show off in this environment and had the full array of moves going, including crossovers, floaters, and more. There’s really nothing Duval can’t do and when he gets going, there aren’t many players in the country that can impact a game like he can.

Even though Chandler played the point some, we like him better as a shooting guard. At 6-foot-3, Chandler can really score and he is better when he is able to get open off the ball as opposed to creating his own shot as a point guard. Chandler finished with 14 points and got to the line at a high clip while also hitting a few threes. This is another player we would expect Arizona to pick it up with in the near future.


We really liked what we saw from Williams on Saturday, as he went for 10 points on 3-4 shooting. Williams did not force the issue, which a lot of guys will do this weekend. He was aggressive, but also let the game come to him and made the right decision more often than not. He is extremely quick up the court and does a great job in transition without having to be the guy to score. Williams is likely the best point guard in the west in 2018 and he showed glimpses of why on Saturday.

Arizona has shown some interest in Little as of late and he is definitely a player to keep an eye on. Little finished with 11 points and is aggressive on both sides of the ball. He definitely likes to defend and has the lateral quickness to be a very good defender on the next level. Little hit a three and had nice form, though he is at his best offensively when in transition. Little remains a player to keep a close eye on and his stock has been rising fast with recent offers from Louisville and Florida.


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