How does losing Ferguson impact Arizona?

Terrance Ferguson is headed to Australia. Read on to see the impact the move will have on Arizona.

With the news of Terrance Ferguson going to Australia, the immediate question that Arizona fans will have is  ‘What Now?’

On paper, this isn’t a huge loss, but that truly depends on what expectations you had for Ferguson his freshman year.

Arizona brings back Allonzo Trier and had it not, losing Ferguson would have been a much bigger blow.

Ferguson would have added automatic shooting ability and above average defense and it likely would have come right away.

There’s a reason why Sean Miller and company put in so much work getting Ferguson despite the risk of him going to Australia, so it makes little sense to put down his game and say he isn’t ready to contribute or needs to gain weight or other things that fans say when such an occurrence comes.

In order for this not to be a major loss, Rawle Alkins needs to qualify. We’re writing this as if Alkins is going to qualify because that is what Arizona believes will happen. 

With that being said, Ferguson going to Australia decreases the risk of there being a major team chemistry problem.

There’s only one ball and when you have a team with ball dominant players like Trier, Alkins, and Kobi Simmons, the potential for there being an issue is high.

Add Ferguson in that mix and it is a legitimate concern for Miller so while Ferguson is obviously talented, having one less player makes playing time easier to come by.

It’s not necessarily that Ferguson is a bad kid or anything similar, but rather that Sean Miller’s hardest job this season may have been finding shots for all of his stars.

The move gives Ray Smith an opportunity to play more at the three in addition to the time he will see at the four and the impact of Ferguson going to Australia will largely depends on how he performs.

In basic terms, Ferguson not being at Arizona is a loss because he is certainly a good player. A closer look, however, reveals there there are some positives and it certainly is not the end of the season for Arizona basketball. 

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