McCoy could narrow recruitment soon

Five-star center Brandon McCoy has seen his stock rise in the past year. Read on to see why that is and how it has impacted his recruitment.

San Diego Cathedral Catholic center Brandon McCoy has seen his stock rise quite a bit in the past year and it continues to do so.

“The summer has been going well for me,” McCoy said. “I am just trying to get better and playing the game that I love. 

“I have been really trying to focus on my motor and rebounding and blocking shots. On the offensive side, making open jump shots and staying low and being patient in the post.”

McCoy’s offensive game has developed quite a bit due in large part to his ability to develop a mid-range jumper.

“I know it would come because I have always had it, but it was more of a confidence thing,” McCoy said.

“I wanted to make sure people know I can shoot it and they are going to have to guard me outside because I have that type of skill.”

Numerous schools throughout the country have made McCoy a priority and he is working on separating some from the pack.

“Arizona, Michigan State, North Carolina, Louisville, UCLA, Alabama, and really there are a lot of schools on me right now,” he said.

“To a certain extent the schools recruiting me sound the same, but some of the coaches I can tell if they mean what they say. 

“At the end of the day, I know that one school is going to like me because I went there and the other schools won’t.”

One school that hopes to land McCoy is Arizona.

“Arizona loves me,” he said. “They feel I am their next big player and I am blessed they have that for me. If I do decide to go to Arizona, it’s because I feel what they are saying.”

As McCoy goes through the recruiting process he has a good idea of what his decision will come down to.

“I want to have a good relationship with everybody on my team and my coaches and to be around a family oriented program,” McCoy said.

“I want a place where they want to win and care about the game. It’s not about just going to the NBA, it is about the team as a whole.”

“With the coaches I look for a coach that is like a father figure away from home and cares about me off the court.”

The five-star center is unsure when he would like to make a decision, but there is a good chance he will soon narrow down his list.

“I can’t say it is definite, but I might cut my list by the end of the summer just so I can clear my mind and focus on my game,” McCoy said.

“It is kind of getting a little stressful, but I know I am blessed because I have the opportunity to choose where I go.”

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