Wednesday night Las Vegas AAU Evaluations

The first night of the Las Vegas AAU tournaments is in the books and there were plenty of Arizona prospects in action. Read on to see how they performed.

LAS VEGAS - Wednesday night was filled with showcase game and there were plenty of prospects in action.


Lee played relatively well on Wednesday. He scored in the paint with a nice hook shot a few times and had a handful of dunks as well that he got due in large part to his hustle. You know what you are getting with Lee and he is almost always the hardest working player on the court. Lee’s skill set isn’t very diverse, but he makes up for it with his effort level. He also did a nice job of guarding the post and was as physical as we have seen him play.

Barcello is intriguing for a variety of reasons and a lot of that has to do with his skill set and the way he approaches the game. Although Barcello handles the point, he shoots it quite a bit. In fact, on Wednesday we would say he was looking for his shot more than setting up his teammates, which was fine because he shot well for the most part. It’s not necessarily that Barcello is a selfish player as much as he is a confident one. He didn’t force a lot of shots, but simply chose to shoot when he was anywhere near open. He plays with confidence and has good range with a strong ability to become creative at the hoop when he gets in trouble.

There aren’t many players in the class that can score with Trent, especially when he is on. There was a sequence on Wednesday where Brian Bowen went at him and scored. Trent proceeded to go right back at him and hit a shot three consecutive times down court. He has a swagger about him that is impressive, but doesn’t get in the way of his teammates or what he is able to do and not do on the court. Trent has good range and while he never really went to the basket, it was because he did not need to. 


This was our first time seeing Jones in about a year and he did not disappoint. He finished with 10 points, 8 assists, 6 rebounds, and five steals in about as complete of an effort as we will probably see all week. In addition, Jones was a nightmare on the defensive end and seemed to take pleasure on that side of the court, which isn’t as common in AAU as one would hope. Jones is one of the best point guards we have seen in 2018 and is only going to get better.

Norris usually plays with the 16u team, but he has moved up for the week and played well. Once Norris gets stronger, his game is going to reach another level, but he is an elite prospect as it is. What’s most impressive about Norris is his offensive skill set. He stepped out and hit a three off the dribble from the top of the key and a few plays later had a post move to get a bucket. Norris is one of the top players in his class and on Wednesday he showed why Arizona is prioritizing him.

Cherry is a versatile prospect and while we’re not sure what position he will wind up at, we have a feeling he is a stretch four in the making. His jumper wasn’t falling, but we know it is there and will attribute it to an off night. However, his toughness never went away and he did well on the glass. In addition, Cherry had a nice one-handed floater in the paint that was extremely impressive. Arizona recently offered and it makes sense with Cherry’s developing skill set. 

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