Friday Las Vegas Evaluations

Friday was another full day of action for Arizona prospects in Las Vegas. Read on to see how they performed.

LAS VEGAS  - Friday was another full day of action for Arizona prospects and the following is our thoughts on how each played.


Arizona has offered Davis and it is easy to see why. He is very smooth and makes the right decision more often than not. In addition, Davis has range out to the three-point line, but does a good job of not forcing the issue. Combine with basketball I.Q. with his overall athletic ability and you have one of the better players in the west. Davis went up against a much weaker opponent, but gave glimpses of what he can do, especially as a passer as he consistently set up his teammates.

Friday was among the best games we have ever seen Barcello play. Not only was he in complete control for the entire game, but his shot was falling from just about everywhere. Whether it was a three off the dribble or a mid-range jumper, the opposing team basically had no chance of stopping him. Not only that, but Barcello controlled the offense when he ran the point and did so effectively.

Sexton is about as good of a scorer as you can get on this level. He showed off his range and hit consecutive threes for the second day in a row while also getting into the paint at will. We said it before, but the whole game changes when he is in because his teammates feed off his energy and although he is a great scorer, he still keeps them involved.

Lee hurt himself early and it will keep him out the rest of the weekend, but we were very impressed with how he battled back. Despite having an injured shoulder, nobody played harder than Lee. The opposing team also basically fouled him every time down court and instead of getting frustrated and out of his comfort zone, Lee used it as motivation. On one play, he showed his athleticism by dunking it right on his defender and it brought the gym to its feet. Friday may have been the best game we saw Lee play all week.

There’s not much else to say about Trent. He could have dropped 40 points on Friday, but was pulled with seven minutes to go in a blowout win. His scoring is at a college level at the very least and when his jump shot is falling, he is impossible to guard. His scoring ability makes him a likely one and done candidate and at 6-5, he can effectively be a mismatch nightmare at both the two and three.

Richards is a very well-rounded center, but his real strength is one the glass. In both games we saw him in, Richards was a dominant rebounder. His scoring comes in the paint, often time off the glass. As a defender, Richards is a strong shot blocker and has the ability to get off his feet quickly. We haven’t seen many centers in the class better than Richards and it makes sense why there are so many elite schools recruiting him.

As good as Duval is, he did not play well on Friday. He scored a few buckets early, but disappeared for the rest of the game as the opposition did a good job of keeping him contained. We know it isn’t much because we’ve seen why some consider Duval the best player in the country, but Friday just wasn’t a good effort from him.

Walker is one of our favorite players in the class and he has really seen his stock rise as of late, though it was already high to begin with. Walker’s mid-range game is deadly, but he can also hit it from deep as well. He has plenty of athleticism and gets to the basket with consistency, which makes him eve more dangerous because you have to respect all aspects of his game. Add that to the fact that he is a great kid and it’s no surprise Sean Miller went to both of his games Friday. 


Singleton is another player that can score with the best of them. We’re not really sure what else he can do, but it isn’t a concern when you get buckets like he does. The ability to handle the ball is there and he is very good at creating his own shot. He’s the type of guy that is going to wind up picking a good system of play and excelling because he is nearly impossible to guard once he gets going.

Cherry struggled with foul trouble and was never able to get into a rhythm. He hit a few jumpers, but this was the worst game he played all week because he just couldn’t stay in it for any substantial amount of time. Chalk it up to a bad game because at this point we know how good he is and will become.

Like his teammate Trent, Jones did what he has been doing all week. When he needed to score he did and when he needed to set up teammates, he did that easily as well. Jones is also a pesky defender and really does everything well. The school that gets him is going to get a starting point guard from day one.

This was our first time seeing Brown and he is extremely intriguing. Often times a player of his size will be somewhat awkward, but Brown is a fluid runner and has good mobility. He had one play where he caught a rebound on the run and put it up to, which is something that a lot of guards can’t even do. His offensive game needs a little work only because he does not have a go to move just yet, but the potential is there.

Norris is another player that struggled a bit, but you can attribute it to the same thing as the other players. He actually got plenty of shots off, but they weren’t falling. He still stayed aggressive and the talent is there, it was just an off night for him.


We've mentioned Stanley before and he remains a player to keep an eye on. He is one of the best athletes in the country and you can search videos of him on the internet and see his dunking ability. That was on full display Friday morning, as we counted at least five dunks, at one point showing off with a reverse flush. Stanley isn’t just a dunker though and has a solid jump shot. He is a five-star prospect for a reason and will likely stay that way. 

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