Saturday Las Vegas Evaluations

Saturday was the last full day of action in Las Vegas. Read on to see how numerous Arizona prospects performed.

LAS VEGAS- Saturday started elimination play in the Las Vegas AAU tournaments, but we were still able to see numerous Arizona prospects in action.


Barcello continues to play well, once again displaying good decision-making skills with an ability to score from range. He did a good job of knowing when to shoot and when to set up his teammates. In addition. Barcello got into the lane and was able to convert to consistency, whether it was scoring himself or getting his teammates involved. We have seen Barcello play quite a bit and this week was among the best we have seen him play.

Davis can hurt the opposition in numerous ways. At the start of Saturday’s game, we saw him play aggressively and attack the rim. He got fouled a few times and set the pace for his teammates and the rest of the game. Later on, Davis became more of a distributor and everything opened up for him and the rest of his squad. We like Davis’ versatility and he still has some rawness to his game, which means there is still room for growth and improvement. 


Saturday was out first time seeing Smith and he did not disappoint. Smith only hit one jumper out of a few, but was able to score off the glass and close to the hoop. Maybe more impressive was that he had at least five blocked shots and controlled the pain on that side of the ball. Smith showed great instincts and made life miserable for the opposing team. He’s not just a defensive player though, as he has a nice skill set on offense. Smith is an elite prospect and showed glimpses why on Saturday.

Cherry has a play on Saturday in which he took his man off the dribble on the baseline and got to the rim only to dunk it over another defender. Guys his size generally aren’t as versatile as Cherry, which makes him dangerous. He shows enough skills and athleticism to play the three, but he has the size and toughness to succeed at the four. Cherry did not do a ton on Saturday and played much better later in the game, but his future was on display in just one play.

Hepa’s shot wasn’t falling on Saturday, but we were disappointed that his teammates didn’t get him the ball more. Hepa consistently got good position and the guards on his team looked him off. He is good enough where he should have been able to get more shots off and we don’t think it’s a coincidence that his team struggled in a game that it should have struggled in. With that being said, Hepa is a unique prospect because of his versatility. He runs the court well and is a very good passer out of both the high and low post. He was out of position for a few rebounds and that could use some work, but his potential moving forward is apparent.

Herro struggled offensively for much of Saturday’s game, but then turned it up and wound up shooting nearly 50 percent from there field. He is capable of scoring on three levels and is creative once he gets the ball in the lane. Herro also led the game in rebounding not necessarily because of his strength and size, but because of his instincts. If we had one complaint about Herro’s play, it was that he showed zero desire to defend. It might be because he was tired or it could be because he just doesn’t defend well, but Herro left a lot to be desired on that side of the ball when we saw him Saturday. 

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