Costa & O'Hara: Post scrimmage Q&A

Most fans believed that the Wildcats' scrimmage would go a long way in determining the starting quarterback. Instead of allowing the young passers to show their wares, the Wildcat coaches decided to put an emphasis on the run game. Even though it was not their showcase, both quarterbacks took a few minutes after the scrimmage to talk with the media and assess their performances.

Ryan O'Hara

How'd you feel out there?

Ryan O'Hara:"It felt all right. I felt like I was trying to get into a grove. I felt like I found it a little way down the road. We have four quarterbacks getting a lot of reps, so it takes a little while to get into the grove. So we'll just see where it goes from here. This will be an important week of practice in determining who the starter is. I'm just going to go out there and do the best I can. I feel comfortable with what I did, but I'm not satisfied."

What do you think you did well tonight and what do you still need to work on?

O'Hara:"I think I saw the field well tonight. I kept the ball away from defenders, no real chances at interceptions. I need to step up in the pocket a little bit better when they (pass rushers) are coming off the edges, because in the Pac-10 they have really fast defensive ends. LSU and UTEP blitz a lot so I have to step up into and find a lane to throw. That just comes with more experience and more reps."

What was it like to get out here under the lights in front of a pretty good crowd?

O'Hara:"I just love playing in front of a crowd. That's one of the things I play for. To get out in front of a crowd, throw a long pass and hear them go "oooh". That's my favorite thing to do. That's what I like, fan appreciation and all of that stuff."

Nic Costa:

You guys ran a lot tonight, how important is it to establish the run?

Nic Costa:"That's very important. Out here against our own team is one thing, but then knowing we can do that when we line up against UTEP, LSU and Oregon and all the teams we play. When it is third and one we don't have to go to the air, we know we can just bang it up the middle and gain a yard. Then we're off and going."

What did you think of your performance tonight?

Costa:"I was pretty happy with it. Obviously I made a few mistakes, but that's to be expected. I felt pretty good about what I did with the ball in my hands. Getting out of bad situations, avoiding sacks, getting the ball off and making plays."

What do you think about getting out in front of the crowd and getting a little taste of what it's like in front of the home crowd?

Costa:"It was fun. I missed it. It's been awhile since I've been out here. It's been almost a year since we've played here. It was nice to get out in front of a crowd, in front of some people, some fans as the home team. It was fun to throw the ball around a little bit, play with the guys and take on a leadership role. It was fun to be out here and not have the coaches breathing down your neck because it is a practice. Just going out there and letting things go and play football."

After the scrimmage John Mackovic briefly touched on the play of his quarterbacks.

Mackovic:"I was real pleased that the quarterbacks scrambled and made a number of plays. That's what you can do in a scrimmage that in practice you can't always do. I was real happy the way they were able to get out of there when the protection breaks down. You need a quarterback that can make plays and that is an added dimension to our offense this year, which can be very good."

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