Video: Cody Ippolito discusses his return

Linebacker Cody Ippolito discusses his return from injury, new defensive coaches, and more.

Cody Ippolito missed last season with a knee injury and this year's Fall Camp has a bit of a different feel because of it.

"I am definitely excited to get back out there practicing and playing again," Ippolito said.

"I am taking it day by day right now and focusing on not getting injured again and being able to play all 14 games without getting an injury or anything. I am definitely excited to get to the first game and start hitting people again."

Ideally, Ippolito will participate fully in camp, but he is currently unsure of what the plan is. 

"It is up to the coaches," he said. "I would like to do everything hitting wise to get used to playing so my first time tackling someone is not in the first game."

When Ippolito finally does step back onto the field for a game, he will be playing for a new defensive staff.

"They are cool people," Ippolito said. "They have a different scheme for the most part.

"They get more personal with you and teach you more. I love the old staff and I love this staff just as much. It is exciting to see what kind of defense we’re going to be running."

The difference with the new coaching staff is apparent and it ranges from personalities to schemes.

"I feel like this staff is younger than we had, so there is more hype around what we do," Ippolito said. "If we make plays, everyone goes crazy. It is more of a hyped atmosphere.

"For the past few years for every game we ran mostly the same things. This defense we’re doing has a lot of different packages. We can have three down linemen, four down linemen, we can do anything really. Even five down linemen if we really want."

Defensive Coordinator Marcel Yates is also challenging the defense to take more responsibility.

"Just being a man," Ippolito said. "That’s what he always says, to be a man and take responsibility.

"He wants us to play physical and fast defense. He has been reiterating that every time we have defensive meetings and go over our goals for the day."

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