Video: Samajie Grant wants to be a leader

Samajie Grant discusses Arizona's current set of wide receivers and more.

Samajie Grant has had a good amount of success in an Arizona uniform, but the senior wide receiver feels he still has something to prove.

"I am definitely more excited for this season just because this is my last chance to show what I can do," Grant said. "I am able to be a leader and be more vocal this year being a senior and one of the older dudes."

Grant's ability to lead revolves mostly around his honestly with his teammates.

"I tell them how I feel," he said. "We have to work together. Nothing is going to get accomplished if we don’t work together.

"We have to work hard obviously and have heart. I don’t talk much. I just tell them how it is."

Earlier this week, Grant was reminded why it is easier to play with a little extra motivation.

"I was on Instagram (Tuesday) and I saw a video when we went to play Washington and everybody who is supposedly die hard Arizona fans were saying 'I don’t think I will watch another game' and 'I am disgusted,' Grant said.

"It gives me a huge chip on my shoulder, for everybody to not think anything of us. That’s exactly what happened my sophomore season."

Much of Grant's success this season will depend on his quarterback, but the current competition behind center doesn't seem to affect him.

"I think it is good," Grant said. "Every position should be open because you don’t want any player thinking he has a spot already.

"It makes Anu and Brandon Dawkins work even harder, so I think it is perfect."

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