Arizona Football Practice Photo Gallery

View the photo gallery to see plenty of pictures of the Wildcats in action.

Jacob Alsadek and Zach Hemmila

Brandon Dawkins

J.J. Taylor and Khalil Tate

Jacob Alsadek and Gerhard de Beer

Nathan Eldridge

Malcolm Holland

Abraham Mendivil

Freddie Tagaloa

Josh Pollack

Zach Benjamin

Rod Smith

Calvin Magee

Tony Dews

Trey Griffey

Darick Holmes

Anthony Mariscal

Rich Rodriguez

J.J. Taylor

Brandon Dawkins and Josh Kern

Devaughn Cooper

Josh Kern

Kylan Butler

Anu Solomon

Zach Werlinger

Orlando Bradford

Michael Eletise

Shawn Poindexter

Layth Friekh

Jacob Alsadek

Tyrell Johnson

Charlie Ragle

Jim Michalczik

Michael Barton

Nick Wilson

Harper Sherman

Deandre Miller

Donte Williams

Vince Amey

Luca Bruno and Sani Fuimaono

Jahmile Addae

Jarvis McCall

Kwesi Mashack and Jarvis McCall

Davonte Neal

Tristan Cooper

Kwesi Mashack

Jarrius Wallace

Jace Whittaker

Dane Cruikshank

Devin Holiday

Antonio Parks

Lorenzo Burns, Dane Cruikshank, Jace Whittaker

Marcel Yates

Tellas Jones

Chacho Ulloa

Devon Brewer

Marcel Yates and Paul Magloire

Gavin Robertson

Jacob Colacion

Cody Ippolito

Paul Magloire

Marcus Griffin and Darrell Cloy

Francisco Nelson and Jalen Cochran

Jalen Cochran

Scooby Wright added to wall

Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles

Branden Leon

Khalil Tate

Zach Green

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