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High School coach reflects on Zach Hemmila

Zach Hemmila's high school coach, Shaun Aguano, reflects on the loss of his former lineman.

As news of Zach Hemmila's passing spread, positive memories were shared through social media and other avenues.

One person that had a close relationship with Hemmila is his former high school football coach at Chandler, Shaun Aguano.

“He was a very enjoyable kid that we had,” Aguano said. “I had him for all four years. He was always smiling and we had a very good relationship while he was here at Chandler. 

“Sometimes he would get lazy and I would get after him and he would just smile. He was very coachable.”

There weren’t many players that worked as hard as Hemmila.

“He was a three-year starter for me at offensive guard and tackle,” Aguano said. “He was a very good player and he really earned his scholarship at Arizona.”

Hemmila made sure that he maintained a relationship with Aguano even after graduation.

“Whenever he was in town he would stop by here and we talked often,” Aguano said. “He was one of my first guys that came through Chandler, so this is rough for us.”

As Aguano reflected on memories of Hemmila, there was one common theme.

“They are all good memories,” he said. “I just remember him smiling and I was close to his family. It’s been a very hard day for us."

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