8/13 Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez discusses Justin Holt, Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles, and more.

* Zach Hemmila’s funeral was held on Friday and Rich Rodriguez took time to reflect.

“I thought it was very well done,” Rodriguez said. “Certainly it is a sad time and pretty emotional for a lot of folks. They had a nice service at the Sands Club in the Stadium. 

“I am really appreciative of the athletic department and all of the other athletes and coaches that came out for that.”

* Demetrius Flannigan-Fowles has two interceptions in practice on Saturday and could be in line for an impressive season. 

“He got to play as a true freshman, which is really rare, and got some experience and is bigger and stronger and more in tune with what college football is about,” Rodriguez said.

“It’s a new system, but he has all the stuff we are looking for in a safety in our defense.”

* Another player that has had a solid camp is linebacker Cody Ippolito.

“Cody looks good,” Rodriguez said. “He has not missed a rep. We’re cautious of him having too much wear and tear, but he wants to take every rep. He is a competitive guy and he has had a good camp.

“On the field, he is such a smart player, he can help get the guys lined up. Even though it is a new system, Cody is a football junkie and he understands the gam.e The leadership we need the most from him at Mike linebacker on the field and he is pretty valuable at that.”

* Arizona continues to look for a starting kicker and punter.

“Josh Pollack has kicked pretty well, but it is a battle,” Rodriguez said. “Josh is probably the leader in the clubhouse at punting, but that isn’t locked up. I have to do some more as far as putting pressure on them in practice.”

* On Saturday, Justin Holt was able to participate in his first practice of camp. 

“He was battling some injuries and that effected his conditioning, so he wasn’t ready when camp started,” Rodriguez said.

“He’s really probably not ready now as far as being in shape, but we got to work him into shape today, which was his first practice.”

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