Cam Denson having fun again

Cam Denson is having fun playing football again. Read on to see why that is and more.

Cam Denson played wide receiver in high school, but admits that his transition back from defense to offense in college has been a learning process.

“I have experience with it in high school, but it is different here,” Denson said. “It’s a different level with a faster speed and all that, but I am just trying to get comfortable and learn the offense. 

“I am trying to get to know the quarterbacks and what they like and don’t like so I can work with them and go get the ball.”

Arizona has been giving basically equal reps to Anu Solomon and Brandon Dawkins, which has helped Denson’s confidence.

“It helps a lot because you are working with both guys,” Denson said. “Right now we don’t know who is going to be the starter, so game one we can go out there with Brandon or Anu and either one of those guys is a good quarterback.”

In addition to learning quarterback tendencies, Denson is now in the process of learning multiple receiver positions.

“I am still new to the offense and trying to learn things,” he said. “I started playing slot, so I am learning slot and outside and now I have to learn both at the same time.

“The other receivers help a lot. They are out there helping me every day. We’re in the film room and I ask them a lot of questions. 

“I ask them questions on the field about certain plays and coverages. Having them on the field by my side has helped me progress a lot faster.”

Denson seems to be more energetic in practice and he attributes it to having more fun.

“It feels a lot more natural,” Denson said of the move to offense. “I enjoy it a lot more and I am having more fun out there. 

“It’s always fun getting the ball in your hands and getting the chance to make a move and big play for your team. Just having the opportunity is a good feeling.”

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