Khalil Tate has something to prove

Khalil Tate believes he can be a quarterback in college. Read on to see why doubters motivate him and more.

Once it became apparent, as it has, that the UA quarterback situation is a two man race between junior Anu Solomon and sophomore Brandon Dawkins, many assumed that Khalil Tate would transition to wide receiver, the position that so many other colleges projected him to play.

However, he has a different plan.

“I came here to play quarterback and that why I’m here,” Tate said. “I could have gone to about any school in the country, but Arizona was the one school that is giving me this opportunity and I’m happy to learn."

Tate understands that winning the starting job is a process.

 “Brandon and Anu have a lot more experience than me in the system and I knew that coming in," he said. " However, I see myself getting better each day and hopefully there is a time soon when I will get to take live snaps in a game as the quarterback.”

 It’s been a mostly smooth transition to college life for Tate.

“Getting here early helped me out a ton," Tate said. "You see a lot of guys that just got in and got their stuff unpacked and literally had to be out by the practice field later that day.

“By getting in here in December, I had a chance to get started in class, hit the training room and start working on the little things to become a good college football player.”

If Tate has his way, he will also prove he is a good quarterback and that there's a reason why he turned down bigger name schools.

“Trust me, it wasn’t easy turning down USC, especially when literally everyone that goes to Serra ends up there," Tate said.

"I trust Coach Rodriguez and the staff and they’ve been very honest with me and upfront. One way or the other I’m going to get onto the field and show people what I can do behind center.”

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