Chacho Ulloa learning to adjust

Freshman safety Chacho Ulloa discusses adjusting to college football and more.

Chacho Ulloa was one of Arizona’s highest rated recruits in last class, but that doesn’t mean things at Arizona are going to come easy.

“The biggest transition has been scheme wise,” Ulloa said. “Learning the scheme was a little similar to what we ran in high school, but there are a lot of variances and that’s something I have learned to transition to. Also, getting used to the speed. It is a lot faster and everybody is a lot bigger.

“Running everywhere is hustling, but the speed of the game and how fast you have to process everything. Before the snap you have to look at everything and you have a mental checklist and you have to go through every one before the ball is even snapped. I have to learn and process everything faster than high school.”

Despite having to learn so much, Ulloa has enjoyed his camp experience.

“Coming to Arizona has been a great experience and getting away from home has been a growing up experience,” he said. “Everything has been good, learning the ropes of the defense. I’m getting used to this heat, which is a big one you have to get used to.”

The coaches and Ulloa’s fellow teammates have made learning the defense a bit easier.

“Devon Brewer and I coach each other up,” Ulloa said. “Demetrius, really it’s not just one guy that leads everybody. Everybody helps each other because not everybody knows the defense and there’s no one person that has mastered everything except for probably Coach Yates. It’s little things because the big things Coach Addae does.”

Marcel Yates and company have let the defense know that it wants the entire unit to be aggressive, which helps Ulloa. 

“I have always been a gambler throughout high school,” he said. “It’s gotten me in trouble and I’ve learned from it, but they have told me to see the ball and go get the ball. They want us to be around it as much as possible.

“It kind of gives me a sense of comfort to know that I am not the only one that is learning the defense. The coaches and players are learning this, so it’s not like I am behind because everybody is learning.”

Ulloa is also able to challenge himself every day by going up against players he feel are part of the best offense he has ever gone up against.

“The quarterbacks I have learned are not like high school quarterbacks,” he said. “They won’t just throw it if a guy is covered and that is where I would get most of my picks in high school. 

“Quarterbacks are smarter, the running backs are thicker and you can’t take them down with ankle tackles. 

“The tight ends are bigger. Tight ends in high school were a lot slower and these are the athletic type that can move around and body you up.”

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