Gavin Robertson wants to make an impact

If Gavin Robertson has his way, he won't redshirt this season. Read on to see how his transition has gone and more.

Gavin Robertson was one of the more over looked players that Arizona signed in the 2016 class, but he has had an impressive camp.

“Everything has been going good since the summer,” Robertson said. “I wasn’t expecting how much we worked out or how much we did, but everything is going good. I got banged up a little in camp, but I feel fine now.”

Robertson admits that it has been difficult dealing with the speed at which Arizona operates, but it has also been an advantage that the rest of the defense is learning a new scheme as well.

“The most difficult part has basically been the speed of the game and being here all day during fall camp,” Robertson said. “Really though, the speed is the biggest difference.

“It kind of helps that everyone is learning because we are on the same page and learning the same stuff. We’re learning as a team, which is cool.”

Although Arizona’s defense is a bit of an unknown, what is know is that it will be an aggressive unit.

“It’s helpful for me because I like to play aggressive and play downhill and hit people,” Robertson said. “I am more of a downhill hitter than anything, so I like this defense. It’s hard in practice because we can’t hit, but it’s fun.”

Still, learning the schemes has been a major transition for Robertson.

“It’s been what I imagined,” he said. “I’m not going to lie, it’s been a little harder. In high school you didn’t have to learn a playbook. 

“Here you need to know what each position and what each safety does, so it is a lot to take in. You can spend five minutes on just one play, so it gets intense.”

Thankfully, Robertson had some help in preparing for college.

“My dad has helped me a lot because he played for the University of Hawaii and he told me to have the game slow down for you and get in the playbook,” he said. “Know what you are doing and work hard.”

With the first game only days away, Robertson is hoping that he will be able to suit up.

“It would mean a lot because I don’t want to sit out for a whole year,” he said. “I want to make an impact and contribute to the team and help where I am needed. It motivates me because I want to get on the field this season.”

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